Another year has started and the weather has been a bit hit and miss over the last few weeks, this can only mean that it’s time for the Newbury Yacht Club Frostbite Rally. Although the chances of frost this year were looking a little small!

The venue had been set, with berths at the Royal Southern Yacht Club and dinner in the River Rat in Hamble village. The weather had been dominating conversations leading up to the rally, since the Met Office has started naming winter storms; we seem to have had our fair share!

Due to an ill timed lift out Carina was unable to attend the rally this year, although Laura and Mark were offered a berth on Hotch Potch with Mike & Jo. During the week they had been in contact and decided that due to the forecast they’d drive down instead. In the end, maybe the best decision, as beating back to Lymington on the Sunday would have been less than fun.

In the end we had 5 boats and over 30 people come along. It’s always amazing the turn out that we get in the depths of winter.

Drinks and nibbles were hoisted by Derek and Carolyn on Manketti. The cakes were in good supply, while Derek gave the technically minded a guided tour of the boat’s extensive systems and proved himself to be expert galley tinsel.

At the appropriate time, and once Derek had finally changed his shirt, we headed up to the club bar for a pre dinner drink. There was a black tie dinner going on in the club and so, compared to the other guests, we may have seemed a little under-dressed!

A short walk up the hill led us to the River Rat Restaurant. We were seated upstairs and the staff were very attentive and organised. The food was very good and the conversation flowed. With the meal completed, we ventured back out into the cold and down the hill. There was an after-party on Manketti for those that felt the night still young, while others headed back to their boats or home.

The NYC frostbite rally is always a popular part of the Club calendar and this one was no exception. Many thanks to Dave for organising it and extra thanks go to Andy, who stepped in to run the evening when Dave got called away on an important skiing trip!

30th-31st January 2016