NYC welcomed back Tristan for his new presentation on natural navigation. Despite the snow forecast, both Tristan and a lot of NYC Members braved the elements and were treated to another excellent presentation, in which Tristan gave more insights and examples from around the world and from his own journeys to demonstrate the different ways we can read water. From garden ponds to patterns in the Pacific, his talk was full of surprises.

If you missed his talk there is information on his website Natural Navigator

Some recent reviews of How to Read Water:

  • Gooley has done his subject proud – this is seriously fascinating stuff. – The Times
  • His observational skills can be breathtaking. – The Sunday Times
  • His tales recount wisdom gathered on the ground (literally), often by trial and error, and his joy at discovering something almost makes you feel you did the work yourself. – The Spectator
  • Quite apart from being well written and an enjoyable read, there is plenty in the book that is revelatory. – The Royal Institute of Navigation

12th January 2017