This year’s Laying Up Supper was again held at the Hare & Hounds in Speen. The restaurant can accommodate 70 in style, so it is a great venue to use for the large turnout that this event commands.

We sat down at 2000 and had a fabulous three course meal, after which the important business of the evening was attended to; namely the Uncle Albert award. It’s presented to the skipper that has shamed himself in the most spectacular way, preferably in front of witnesses during the year.

It is the prerogative of the current holder to sniff out the stories and interrogate the witnesses, before handing over the hallowed trophy.

As the current holder of the award, Derek had the honour of selecting the winner and then presenting the trophy. Rather than trying to find out about any good stories, Derek asked for confession. Surprisingly, this method generated several well-crafted narratives that Derek informed us all of at length!

The Summer Rally, with the strong wind that we ‘enjoyed’, generated several stories on its own. Ultimately, the worthy the winner was Barney, who managed to inadvertently pick up two mooring buoys at the same time outside Yarmouth. Unfortunately, one was attached to his propellor shaft rather than any conventional secure fixings on his boat.

Barney was, as always eloquent in his acceptance of the award. The direct quote to Derek was “You Bas*ard”.

A note to all skippers, remember, Barney will be watching you, ready to hand the award on in 12 months!

Once the raffle had been drawn there was plenty of time for chatting and sharing memories of the season before everyone started to head home after a very successful evening. A big thank you to all involved, particularly Kate for organising the evening.

14th December 2017