We have been blessed with a run of fantastic weather of late but it had to come to an end at some stage, and boy did it come to an end in a big way!

The destination was set for the Dan Bran pontoon at Lymington. From there we were to have dinner in the Lymington Town Sailing Club.

Due to the forecast and that Carina’s first mate was suffering from the first cold of the year, they decided to forgo the wind and rain in favour of driving down for the meal. As it turns out they weren’t the only ones to have this idea. In the end, three boats braved the elements to sail into the harbour, with Polly there because Mike “wanted to try out his storm sails”!

The tea and cakes went down very well, although they were hosted on Polly, rather than the pontoon as it was honking down at the time. There was some sort of incident with the sugar, but no one would give details as Mike was fearing another Uncle Albert award.

Dinner was set for 1930 and we all started to arrive in the Club bar around 1900. The meal was served and we all enjoyed excellent food in very nice surroundings.

As the Commodore was not on this rally, giving a practically lame excuse of it being a big birthday for him (I won’t say which one), it fell to Mark to thank Nick for arranging the rally and the staff of the club for hosting us.

After dinner most of the members were invited back to Kate and David’s for drinks; the first event Afloat to be held predominantly Shoreside!

Many thanks to Nick for organising a fantastic rally.

22nd-23rd September 2018