Rob Chicken spoke about the life story of his grandfather (Alfred H Burlinson D.R. RNR Ret); originally written by him during his retirement.

Alfred Burlinson was an engineer, and an engineering officer, in the merchant navy, from 1908 to 1945. His book describes a lifetime of adventure, hardship and joy on the different ships he sailed, from grand liners to rusty hulks. He survived two world wars, the depression of the nineteen thirties, and even took his family to sea with him.

He almost sailed in the Titanic, but was moved to another ship two weeks before she sailed. Then, later during the First World War, he volunteered as a tug boat engineer at the Gallipoli Landings where he saved a ship from sinking from a torpedo strike. During the Second World War, he survived two shipwrecks and avoided another sinking, thanks to the Enigma code breakers.

During his lifetime at sea he met a whole variety of people throughout the world, and his writing gives glimpses in to the World at that time.

11th October 2018