Nick did another great job of putting together a fantastic rally, with the Spring Rally as well attended as always. With the 50th celebrations in May pushing the event into June this year, one could be forgiven for assuming that this move would ensure good weather…alas this is the UK!

Several of the boats had done the sensible thing and taken the weather window to arrived in Yarmouth the night before. Others kept to the original schedule, and experienced mixed results.

The crew of Carina stopped off at Lee-on-the-Solent to look out at what was instore for them, which was F6-7 and tide against us. The car was rocking about on its springs in the wind, which prompted the decision at that point that Carina was not going to make it. Debby and Philip very kindly offered berths on Samollu, so foul weather gear was collected and Carina’s crew headed over to join them at Ocean Village.

The four now on Samollu set out, and immediately reefing down as the wind built on route down Southampton Water. By the time they made Calshot Spit the main had been stowed and a scrap of head sail along with the engine was all they had to try and make progress.

The skipper came to the conclusion that he had been looking at the Gurnard Cardinal mark for the best part of 20 minutes and that they were not making any progress over the ground (although still were making lots of progress up and down!). The idea of diverting into Cowes was put to the crew and readily accepted. As it turned out they were in good company, as the Commodore had done the same.

Once moored up six hardy sailors got a taxi to Yarmouth, arriving in time for dinner. The Yarmouth Sailing Club is a fantastic venue, just up river of the bridge. The Clubhouse and facilities are excellent and everybody enjoyed a superb dinner.

As is our custom, we presented the Club with an NYC burgee, and we received one of theirs in return (which can be seen in the Burgee room page).

Over dinner we heard some stories of the trip over. Nick, who was single handed, had suffered some minor damage to both boat and sail, but heroically made it. His arrival had been greeted very positively, not least because he was providing the homemade cake!

The Cowes contingent took a taxi back to their boats and enjoyed a very relaxed sail back on Sunday morning.

Many thanks to Nick for organising a fun rally despite some challenging conditions.

8th-9th June 2019