Despite the return into Lockdown preventing our Winter Talks being held in-person, we’ve shown that the virtual option can work as an alternative, and allow the club to continue to interact and enjoy some excellent speakers.

For January, we were entertained by Geoff Saunders, with an insight into his journey around the British shipping areas.

As an experienced sailor, Geoff was familiar with the shipping forecasts, and decided to undertake the challenge of visiting each of the stations which provide observations to inform those forecasts. To add an extra element to the mission, he decided to use only public transport, and avoid flying (as that would make it just too simple).

With thirteen stations to work his way around, it was several years before all had been visited, but each provided the opportunity to enjoy some very different parts of the country. Some stations were relatively easy to access, but others required slightly longer journeys, such as the Greenwich light vessel – reached by way of the Azores…

14th January 2021