With our previous Rally almost a year ago, it was great that the Covid-19 restrictions had eased enough that we could meet in unlimited numbers, and properly enjoy our 2021 Summer rally.  The lure of a BBQ at Bucklers Hard enticed an impressive number of members, with 11 boats planning to attend, with even more looking to come by road.

The weather decided it didn’t entirely want to play the game, with strong winds and rain forecast.  It was enough to persuade a couple of boats to dispatch their crew in cars rather than enjoy the summery weather, but nine boats were hardy enough to attend.

The weather was undecided as to exactly what conditions it wanted to provide, but typically it wasn’t blowing in the ideal direction.  The spritely winds nudged 30 knots a couple of times, but the sea state was kind and there were a couple of sharp showers, but none lasted more than a few minutes.

The rain while people were en-route proved mere showers when compared to the drenching that kicked in while everyone was enjoying tea and cake on the pontoon.  We decided to withdraw to the shelter on the fuel pontoon, to make sure the cake wasn’t washed away.  Despite the slightly dubious weather, it was still a Pimms occasion, which is a lovely accompaniment to the wide variety of cake provided.

Nick had planned ahead and organised a marquee just in case for the evening’s BBQ, but in the end it wasn’t needed. 

Nick ‘the BBQ King’ looks a little nervous…

Each boat presented their signature cocktails for judging by Peter, who was chosen as chief cocktail tester, partly in the basis that he’d be able to consume enough alcohol to make his way through each offering.

On Sunday morning, the wind was still proving strong.  Several boats were staying on for an extra night, so pleased not to be heading out of the river.  Even those who were heading for home were grateful that they had shorter journeys than the FastNet race, which was departing that morning.  Our former Commodore, Mark, was ‘enjoying’ that experience!

7th – 8th August 2021