Three vast oceans, two young men and one dubious idea – to sail around the world.

When a sailboat barely bigger than a bathtub pottered into the English Channel, James and Tom began the adventure of a lifetime. In their little boat Blue Eye they set sail, ladened with the notion that happiness and freedom loitered just over the horizon. And yet as they journeyed between continents and across oceans, they found they were still anchored to their old unsatisfied selves. 

Hampered not only by the storms of the Atlantic Ocean and the pirates of the Red Sea, the craving nature of the human mind also threatens their bid to circumnavigate the world. From the Caribbean to the Suez Canal, James and Tom chase one sunset after the next, convinced a treasure trove of fulfilment lies waiting beyond the horizon. What will it take for them to discover that the sea is not always bluer on the other side?  Hooked on the Horizon is Tom Dymond’s travel memoir of sailing Blue Eye around the world.

If you like being transported across oceans, escaping to far-flung paradises, and finding humour and philosophy in between, then you’ll love the story of Blue Eye’s adventure.