With various delays meaning the traditional Frostbite Rally wasn’t happening until March, it seemed fair to give it a new name – so the Springbite Rally was born. This rename was partly in the hope that there wouldn’t be any actual frost by that time, and Mercury Yacht Harbour on the Hamble would have a more spring-like feel. With quite a few boats ‘moored’ on dry land, there were only five boats in attendance for the afternoon gathering (one of which didn’t actually need to move from her home berth in order to count as present). It did mean we could take advantage of Samollu’s shelter to give a bit of protection from the breeze. There was plenty of refreshments available, and some added entertainment in the form of four-legged club member Basil!

By evening, the number of participants had increased courtesy of several road-based vessels, so there were more than twenty members to enjoy a delicious meal at The Gaff Rigger. Post-dinner drinks were hosted by Vega, who was at her inaugural Club event. A great opportunity to have a proper inspection…

It was lovely to start the 2022 on-water season, with the next few events coming up soon!

12th – 13th March 2022